Commerce Metals buys nearly anything made of metal. Below, you will find a list of items that we do accept for recycling. We always do our best to give you top dollar for your recyclable materials. With rates and pricing changing on a regular basis, please be sure to check with us ahead of time to learn more about what today's prices and payout rates for recycling are.

    Ferrous Scrap
    • Tin
    • Appliances
    • Farm equipment
    • Any machinery
    • All parts from autos
    • Whole cars and trucks
    • Cast iron
    • Prepared steel
    • Unprepared material for torch or shearing
    Non-Ferrous Scrap
    • Copper: clean or insulated wire, pipe
    • Brass: plumbing fixtures, faucets, valves, meters, turnings, spent cartridges, ornamental items, auto radiators
    • Aluminum: siding, extrusion, cast, sheet, beverage cans, wheels
    • Stainless steel: all grades
    • Batteries: automotive and industrial
    • Aluminum copper radiators
    • Starters
    • Electric motors
    • Sealed units
    • Lead and wheel weights
    • Nickel
    • Carbide
    • Tool steel
    • Catalytic converters

NOTE: If you have material not listed, we will work to find a home for it. Please call ahead if you have questions about the viability of any item.